Feb. 10: In a 3-0 decision, Trump loses immigration ban in federal district court. On Twitter, Trump vents ALL CAPS anger against a “disgraceful decision”. Fox News promotes idea that if there is another terror attack on US soil, it is the courts’ fault. WH spokesperson Sean Spicer emphasizes terror threats like the “attack in Atlanta”. It never happened. Spicer later says, he meant Orlando. Trump’s explosive temper is being fed by the realization that running the United States is a lot harder than his branding businesses. Around the nation, Town Hall meetings conducted by GOP members of Congress are turning into focal points for Trump protests, “Do Your Job!” After Trump blasts a department chain from dropping Ivanka’s line (low, poor sales down 26% in January), KellyAnne Conway plugs daughter business from WH in a likely violation of WH ethics law. Trump reverses his tough stand for Taiwan — a cornerstone of his campaign — and capitulates on “One China Policy”, handing a victory to China president Xi Jinping. Trump tells airline executives a “phenomenal tax cut” is coming. Trump EPA yanks staff from Alaska climate change summit. Trump Supreme Court pick Gorsuch calls Trump’s criticism of the federal judiciary, “disheartening and demoralizing”. Trump responds, Gorsuch must have been talking about someone else. Although Trump blames Democratic senators for the delay in confirmation hearings, the NY Times reports that changes made by Trump, himself, to vetting procedures — omitting questions to nominees directed to ethical concerns — is contributing to a chaotic WH.

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